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Teeth whitening solution 'goes on in seconds' and teeth get 'two shades whiter in a week'

Although many dream of having perfectly white teeth, the journey to going multiple shades lighter can be long, time-consuming and costly.

Avoiding paying for expensive professional teeth whitening doesn’t mean giving up on having pearly whites completely, as at-home solutions can help increase whiteness effectively too.

An affordable teeth whitening pen is gaining popularity with shoppers, who are finding it easy to use for quick whitening boosts.

Unlike more time-consuming solutions, the teeth whitening pen is a one-step process that only takes 10 minutes and is pocket-sized, which is ideal for on-the-go use.

Buy: Precision Teeth Whitening Pen (£19.99)

The precise shape of the pen helps to target harder-to-reach areas and get even results on crooked, crowded and straight teeth.

It’s worth keeping in mind that consistent use is necessary to achieve the desired results and using the pen for less than three times a week may not be as effective.

As with all of MySweetSmile’s products, the formula avoids sensitivity and is safe on enamel, delivering instant results.

For those who want to prioritise repairing their teeth instead of whitening, the brand also has an Enamel Care Serum, which reduces tooth sensitivity, repairs enamel and slows tooth decay.

Shoppers are leaving their feedback on the whitening solution, with some calling it ‘a good and effective product’.

Connie said: ”This teeth whitening system is easy to use. Application is simple and it goes on in seconds. Depending on how often you use it, whitening of teeth can be accomplished faster. Have purchased before and will buy again.”

Lily Slinger commented: ”This whitening pen is easy to use and didn’t cause any sensitivity for my usually very sensitive teeth. You do need to use it around 3 times a week to see the effects, but I did manage to go two shades whiter within a week, so definite improvement for me. Overall, a good and effective product if you get into a routine with it. Recommended for quickly getting teeth a couple of shades lighter.”

Bethan Keogan also added: ”I was sceptical – after years of drinking wine and coffee my hygienist always makes a big deal about the discolouration/ staining, especially between my teeth. Thought I would give this a go and after just three nights I’m astounded with the difference, including the right spaces!!! It’s easy to use and the brush is the perfect size for getting into the bits between my teeth that I could never get white. Overall my teeth are brighter and cleaner so I’m pleased.”



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