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The beautiful UK beach with breath-taking views that's even better in the winter

With Britain creeping ever closer to the winter season, going to the beach may be the last thing on your mind. But don’t be so quick to discount the idea. 

There are a number of beautiful beaches in Britain with breathtaking views that happen to look even better in winter. 

Take Cuckmere Haven, East Sussex, for instance. In winter, the bay becomes a haven for walkers visiting Brighton or Eastbourne. 

On a frosty or snowy day, the already spectacular white chalk cliffs of the Seven Sisters to the east of the beach become even more serene.

The beach, sitting at the mouth of the meandering Cuckmere River, offers lots to do.

You could start your walk at Seaford train station, moving east past the pebble beach, and oxbow lakes and then heading to the marshes of the beach to start your first climb up the seven sisters.

Haven Brow, the first of the Seven Sisters cliffs, is the highest – standing at 253 feet.

For more spectacular views of the bay, you could walk to the nearby coast guard beaches. 

A row of four cottages built in 1822 after the creation of the National Coastguard Services, overlooks the bay. But you might want to do your trip sooner than later as the properties are under threat because of the corroding cliffs.

One Australian visiting the spot, wrote on TripAdvisor: “What a stunning place to visit! We only walked down a ways to take some photos before moving on, half hour would be enough though it would have been lovely to walk around if the the time permitted as there were some walking tracks on offer. 

“If you are travelling, make sure you have a beanie, sunnies and a warm jumper or windjacket. Beautiful place to take photographs! Wear good shoes, the path is gravel and steep but not too bad.”

Another added: “If you love nature, a bird watcher, a photographer, a hiker then you cannot ignore this beautiful corner of the East Sussex Coast.”

Another option could be to start at Barn Parking area at Seaford Head Nature Reserve, making your way down to the cottages.

Describing the trip, one person wrote: “You cannot get lost but do be careful of the cliff edges as they are fragile. As you walk down the path over the cattle grid and pass the fields on the left do keep an eye out for birds such as Stonechat, Robin and Blackbird, maybe a few more migratory birds as well. 

“As the Cottages come into view you will see the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs and sea as its backdrop. If it’s a clear day you might see the Belle toute lighthouse in the distance.”



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