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The beautiful UK city where data claims you're 'most likely to get into a car crash'

A new study has named stunning Cambridge as the city with the highest number of road accidents.

According to a new research by the Cambridgeshire city also has the highest number of fatal accidents overall. claims it has analysed government data to come to this conclusion, ranking each city a score out of 10. The higher the number, the riskier the city.

Topping the charts was Cambridge – which scored 10 out of 10, crowning it the riskiest city in the UK to drive a car.

But despite the damning statistics, Cambridge County Council has refuted them, saying it’s “not clear” how the company conducting the research has reached that conclusion.

The stats said Cambridge was also the city with the highest number of road related fatalities at 21 per 100,000 residents.

In a statement, a spokesperson for said: “It’s crucial that all drivers, whether a resident or visitor, recognize the elevated risks in areas that report high rates of accidents and thefts – particularly in Cambridge, Wakefield and Oxford.”

“It’s important to be vigilant in these high-risk areas by concentrating and driving carefully through the cities.

“For those of you who are residing in or visiting Cambridge, be especially attentive on the roads, as it has the highest number of both road accidents and fatal accidents overall.”

‘The data shouldn’t be misconstrued’

But the local council remains dubious over the data.

A spokesperson said: “We don’t recognise this data from, it is not clear how they have reached their conclusions and we have concerns about the approach taken and the interpretation of the data, so it shouldn’t be misconstrued.

“We avoid using population figures as collisions per kilometre/mile of road is a more relevant indicator.

“This is important if you consider the nature of Cambridge City, as it has high growth, high traffic, relatively low population and high levels of commuting from outside of the city.

“The County Council takes road safety seriously.”

They added: “In Cambridge, we work with the Greater Cambridge Partnership who are implementing new public transport routes and off-road alternatives for pedestrians and cyclists commuting to Cambridge.

“As a council, we’re developing and delivering more active travel schemes across the county, which will not only support health and wellbeing but contribute to the county’s target of net zero by 2045.

“We’re also part of The Vision Zero Partnership, which is committed to preventing all road deaths across Cambridgeshire and to significantly reducing the severity of injuries from road traffic collisions.”



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