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The eerie UK fairytale castle left abandoned and open to dark tourists who dare to explore

It looks like it’s straight from the pages of a fairytale – nestled in a mystical-looking forest, overgrown, abandoned and perhaps home to a sleeping princess.

Once a lavish estate, Scotland’s Dunalastair House is still a magnificent sight. So it’s little wonder that daring explorers still venture to the site in the Scottish Perthshire Highland.

The castle’s story starts centuries ago with Clan Donnachaidh also known as Clan Robertson, reports EdinburghLive.

The clan retained control of the estate until 1853, when it was sold by George Duncan Robertson, 18th Chief of Clan Donnachaidh, to General Sir John Macdonald of Dalchosnie.

According to the Dunalastair Estate website, Macdonald then knocked down the house that stood on the site at the time and built his own – the remains that can now be seen.

The Dunalastair Estate website explains: “Dunalastair House was designed by Andrew Heiton, a Perth-based architect, who also designed the Atholl Palace Hotel and Dunkeld railway station. 

“It was really only used as it was built to be used up until the First World War because after that the staff needed to run such a big house were no longer available.

“During the Second World War it was requisitioned and used first as a Polish boys’ and then girls’ school and during this period it was considerably damaged, which included the loss of a Millais painting which was destroyed in a fire in the drawing room.”

The contents of the house were then sold off in the mid 50s and badly vandalised in the 60s when the lead from the roof was stolen. 

The website added: “Various ideas have been put forward for restoring it, but the cost would be very great indeed, and nothing has so far come of any of them.” 

But since its sad demise, its magnificence still entices explorers and adventurers. YouTube explorer ‘Shaun’ titled his exploration of the site “Inside this CRAZY Abandoned Scottish Castle”.

He said on the video he filmed four years ago “it’s an awesome spectacle” and “cool to see, cool to be here”.  Shaun added: “An instantly recognisable trait of Dunalastair is it doesn’t look like the same design used in many other Scottish castles.

“That’s because it’s not – the current iteration of the castle Dunalastair House is modern baronial style built in the 1860s by Sir John Macdonald who owned the estate at that time.”

Scottish baronial is an architectural style of 19th-century Gothic Revival. .

More information can be found on the Dunalastair Estate website.



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