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The one royal name which is making a huge comeback for new babies

Baby names come in and out of fashion – but one royal name has crept into the top 100 name list without warning.

While the loved name, Olivia, has remained the most popular girls moniker for the sixth year running, it seems the Royal Family have inspired parents when it comes to picking out the name of choice for their little babies. 

According to Nameberry – a website devoted to baby names, parents have started calling their children Beatrice, which has slipped into the top 100 list of girls’ names for 2021 at spot number 99.

Beatrice is a girl’s name of Latin origin, meaning “she who brings happiness”. It also has upbeat nicknames such as ‘Bea’ and ‘Bee’.

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The royal connection to the name Beatrice is historic as Beatrice was the name of Queen Victoria’s youngest child. The Duke and Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew, thrust Beatrice back into the public eye when they chose it for their oldest daughter in 1988. 

The growing popularity of Beatrice could be down to the “100-year rule”, where top trending names are based on what was common back in the 1920s simply because they feel “youthful” again.

Nameberry expert, Sophie Kihm told the Metro: “Names tend to go out of fashion after they’ve been stylish for a while. Often, it can be measured in generations.

“Names tied to parents’ parents’ generation are usually considered to be among the least fashionable choices one could use for a baby, like Brenda and Gary today. Once a name is on the decline, we expect it to follow the 100-year rule – names take about 100 years to come back into fashion, that means names of the great-grandparent generation are starting to sound fresh again.”

Other popular royal baby names taking the top 10 spot for boys are ‘Harry’ and ‘George’, whereas Charlotte and Louis are both in the top 50.

The Mirror reports the two names that are not in the top 100, are Catherine and Meghan.

To explain this reasoning, the baby name expert added: “Name trends seem to reflect the cycle of life in that case, only being fresh for the taking when the generation that previously had them no longer are here.”



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