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Two star signs ‘most affected’ in Libra season following autumn equinox, claims astrologer

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Two star signs ‘most affected’ in Libra season following autumn equinox, claims astrologer (Image: Getty)

Speaking exclusively to, Inbaal revealed: “October is the first month after the Autumn Equinox. The Equinox is the day of equal light and dark, a day that represents balance. That day, which was on 23 September 2023, was also the first day of the Libra season.

“Libra is a star sign that represents balance, too. So for this month of October 2023, every little thing that goes wrong will be counterbalanced by something that goes right. And similarly, all good surprises will carry a little dismay alongside them. This will affect Libra most, but also Aries, which is Libra’s polar opposite.”


The astrology expert claimed that October is the season of light and dark in perfect balance, and Libra people are a sign of balance and equilibrium. She said: “Your happy moments live side by side with your disappointments. As we draw towards the dark side of the year, take advantage of the New Moon in Libra on 14 October.

“That afternoon is the perfect time for you to make some big decisions and resolutions. Will this year be dominated by love for you or career? How about both? You can decide which way to pull, but you’d do great even if you try to do it all.”

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Astrology draws on the position of stars and planets at specific times (Image: THE EXPRESS)


Inbaal revealed: “Two planets visit your sign in October 2023, Scorpio. One planet suits you very well, and the other helps you a lot, so they’re both beneficial. Mars, the planet of passion, is your traditional ruler. This planet is in your sign from Thursday 12 onwards which means you are attracting fans who fancy you during those days.

“Then Mercury, the planet of communication, is in your sign from October 22 onwards, so you find communication easier and more natural. Anything you try to do online – apply for a job, swipe right on a cutie, queue online for tickets – will be a success.”


The astrologer opined: “You’re fun-loving and obsessed with travel, Sagittarius, but it’s not been easy of late. Due to your ruling planet, generous Jupiter, spending a year in languorous Taurus, you’ve struggled to book tickets, go on trips, or organise fun nights out.

“From last May to next May, earthy Taurean vibes slow you down, and since September Jupiter has been going retrograde as well, so that plans you made in advance end up getting cancelled. Counteract those interruptions by making plans to take things easy, and arrange coffee mornings, cinema trips and pub lunches. If you have to keep things calm, do it your way and be free.”


Inbaal claimed that Capricorn is “a driven and ambitious sign” and doesn’t need any drama while they slowly and surely achieve all of their goals. She continued: “But astrologically, there’s been such a lot of drama around your sign in the past couple of years, that you could really do with a break. Pluto, the planet of transformation has been in your sign since June, and so a lot of changes occurred for you, both good and bad.

“If you’ve had to move at short notice or rearrange your work schedule, it’s probably Pluto’s fault, especially as it’s been retrograde. Starting October 11, those transformations will go in your favour, so expect pleasant surprises at home and at work.”

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Libra is represented by the balance equillibrium (Image: Getty)


The astrology expert told “Your ruling planet, rebellious Uranus, is retrograde all month long, Aquarius. Your love of being a disruptor, an annoyance, a freedom fighter who doesn’t care about consequences, is halted.

“As you stand up to an unjust situation at work, or tell off your partner for being immature, this retrograde means that your powerful stance isn’t well received at first. It’s a good time to take stock and maybe wait till the end of January when Uranus goes direct again before you start your political party.”


Inbaal continued: “Two planets are retrograde in your sign all month, Pisces, but what does it mean? Saturn, the planet of karma is in your sign, which means karmic events abound, such as meeting someone who would shape your future and landing a job that will change your narrative, but since the planet is going backwards, the benefit of those events might appear uncertain all month long.

“Also, Neptune, the planet of illusion is in your sign, so you dream big, but since that planet is also reversing, those dreams will feel scary until the start of December. It’s a good time to ignore your anxiety and push through anyway.”


According to the astrologer, what starts out as a chilled-out month for Aries will turn into a passionate one. She explained: “Your ruling planet is Mars, which is the planet of passion, and it’s in peaceful Libra until October 11, so you feel calm and confident and treat those around you with respect.

“Results come quickly and you find that you attract introverted, calm types. From Thursday 12 onwards, however, your planet moves to sexy Scorpio and imbues you with extra passion and mystique. The people you attract now are hot-blooded and fiery.”


Inbaal said: “It’s Libra season, and you share something very special with that sign, Taurus. You and Libra are both governed by the same planet – Venus, ruler of love and beauty. When it’s a great day for Libra, it’s a great day for you, too. Venus is in the proud sign of Leo until Sunday 8, which brings you romantic attention from some people in positions of power – watch out for that love letter from your boss! After Monday 9, Venus is in the sensible sign of Virgo, and that’s much easier to manage. Good, pragmatic romantic offers are on the line. Suitors who are like you in every way.”


The astrologer said: “It’s a hectic month for you Gemini, just the way you like it. Your ruling planet, communicative Mercury, visits three different signs this month, and they’re all varied, so your October is divided into three distinct segments. Until Wednesday 4, you’re influenced by sensible Virgo, you make plans, lists and food prep.

“For those four days you are organised and smart. Then, until October 21, your focus is people. Under Libra’s influence, you prioritise coffees with friends and support your peeps on socials. And finally, from Sunday 22, sensual Scorpio is your idol, and you find that you attract enthusiasts of whips and chains.”


Inbaal opined: “Your sensitive nature is due to the Moon’s influence, Cancer, as this is your planetary ruler. As we go through Libra season, which is a sensitive time for you and for all, you are aligned with the rest of your community, united by a shared emotional experience.

“As you cry because you find the news upsetting, you see your colleagues shed a tear too, because October has got to them. When you take a compliment to heart, you notice that the giver of the compliment meant it from the heart. This is a month for big gestures and declarations of love for you, especially during the full moon on Saturday 28.”


The astrologer said: “You’ve had a challenging time involving romance in the past few months, Leo. The planet of love, Venus, was retrograde in your sign for all of August 2023, and a few days before and after. When Venus goes retrograde, relationships can become more difficult, and sometimes exes come back from the shadows. So your stress levels would have been high, and your patience levels, low. This October, Venus goes direct in your sign, so you will enjoy a few days of true love and self-love, under the blessings of the planet Venus. After the 9th, Venus leaves you alone, and romance evens out at long last, no more ups and downs.”


Inbaal concluded: “It’s a great month for you, Virgo, thanks to two major planets. First of all Mercury, the planet of communication and your own personal planet, is in your sign until October 4, so you find that work connections and personal conversations flow that little bit more easily.

“Then, from Monday 9 onwards, the planet Venus is in your sign for a full month. Venus is the planet of love and home, and it favours you this month, which means your love life will be fun and easy, and your home will see a lot of happy gatherings of lovely visitors.”



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