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Uber driver furious as he’s slapped with £45 bill for five minute stop at airport

A Glasgow-based Uber driver has been left furious after he was slapped with a £45 fine for stopping for five minutes at Glasgow Airport.

Glaswegian Christopher Gallacher, 46, was hit with the fine after dropping off a passenger at 9.05am on Saturday morning.

During the course of his brief stop at the terminal, he paid the £5 fee as he left the airport, but was surprised to receive a penalty notice.

Later, he returned to the airport at 10.06 before heading off for another job at 10.11am.

When Mr Gallacher left the airport he expected to pay £5, but was left shocked when the receipt read nine times that figure.

The receipt shows that he entered the airport at 9.05am, but didn’t leave until over an hour later at 10.15am.

GlasgowLive reported that there was evidence Mr Gallacher had been outside the airport doing other jobs during this time.

Speaking to the press, Mr Gallacher said: “I picked up at Meadow Park Street at 9.20am and got another job after that from Gordon Street so I was nowhere near the car park. I wasn’t even in the vicinity and they still charged me £45.”

Mr Gallacher added: “They registered me coming in after 9am but not me leaving several minutes later. They only registered me leaving over an hour later.

“I tried to call to complain, I called 15 times today (Monday) and nobody has answered from NCP. It’s ridiculous and the service is shocking. I couldn’t believe it.

“I had to stop working to phone them and was on the call for 45 minutes before they finally answered and then it was some offshore number who said there was nothing they could do.”

Mr Gallacher added that he had been out working that morning in order to make some money to pay for a bill. He called the latest debacle as “ridiculous”.

Mr Gallacher has been left outraged by the incident and said his entire weekend was ruined because of it.

He explained: “I don’t know if it’s happening to anybody else. There could be a lot of people who have been overcharged at the weekend.

“A car park working for our main airport should have somebody to speak to, it shouldn’t be this difficult. It ruined my whole weekend because I was so frustrated and angry.”

A spokesperson for Glasgow Airport said: “The £45 charge was wrongly attributed, and a refund has since been raised. We would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank the customer for bringing this matter to our attention.”



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