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UK hot weather: Exact date temperatures 'come tumbling down' after October warm spell

The surprising September sun will continue into October, according to the weather forecast.

However, leading meteorologist Jim Dale told that the October heat will come “tumbling down” after the first full week of the month.

This comes as temperatures are set to soar up to 25C early next week.

On Sunday the temperature in south-east England is likely to peak at 24C, which is 6C higher than the average for the time of year, according to the BBC.

The warm spell will not reach heatwave levels, however, which requires three days of 5C above the normal temperatures.

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A Met Office spokesman told “Although it’s uncertain at this range, there’s a signal for some above-average temperatures later next week, though extent and positioning of this warmth is still being determined.

“However, it won’t reach heatwave criteria and for many could just be a period of slightly above average temperatures.

“As always, details will be ironed out closer to the time, though there remains a chance of some chilly nights for some continuing later next week.”

Weather expert Phil Morrish echoed this, telling “To be a heatwave it would have to be 5C above normal for three days running. It might only do this for two days but we will see.”

A forecast from Severe Weather EU, using WXCharts weather maps, suggested that a “heat dome” could develop across Western Europe in October, leading to unusually hot temperatures for the UK.

The forecast revealed that temperatures will also be “extreme” for Europe, with southern France pushing temperatures close to 35C, while Spain and Portugal set for even higher temperatures.

However, Mr Dale said that the unusually warm weather will return to normal temperatures by October 10.

The founder of British Weather Services said: “By Tuesday (October 10) it starts to decay. It will come tumbling down within the normal spectrum.

“I would expect to see 11C, 12C, 13C in the north and maybe a bit more occasion.

“The south hangs on to a little bit of warmth. It will be pushed away with phases of rain.”

Earlier this week, the Central England Temperature (CET) series – the longest record of temperature in the world – revealed that September was warmer than any of the summer months of June, July or August.

The average maximum temperature has been 22C, beating the previous record of 20.9C set in 1895.



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