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UK's Bermuda Triangle — the quaint village where seven-foot aliens creep in hedges

Broadhaven is tiny: a seaside town in Wales’ far southeast, with no train station and only a few bus services.

With a population of little more than 1,000 people, the village rarely sees much in the way of drama.

That is, apart from the occasional flying saucer, seven-foot alien, and cigar-shaped UFO.

What Broadhaven lacks in size it makes up for in the bizarre and is today one of the UK’s hotspots of extraterrestrial sightings.

Now, a new Netflix documentary is exploring the unlikely story of Broadhaven, retelling the stories of those who witnessed the unimaginable in the late Seventies.

‘Encounters’, created by Steven Spielberg’s production company, follows a number of residents who, across a single year, made a number of UFO sightings.

They range from the weird to the downright absurd, and all came with the backdrop of the Cold War in 1977.

Distrust and paranoia between East and West was at its peak back then, and fantastical films like Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind — the latter made by Spielberg — were hits with the public.

Back in the Seventies, the BBC sent camera crews to Broadhaven to quiz the locals on what exactly they had seen.

One child told the broadcaster at the time: “The spaceship looked like a cigar shape with a dome on it with yellowy, orange to red light on the top of it.”

More eerily, another child said he didn’t see a spaceship but something perhaps more sinister: “I saw a man, but I couldn’t see its face because it was too far away.”

More than 45 years later, the 10-year-olds who first reported the UFO sightings stand by their stories, slapping down any suggestion that their imaginations had got the better of them.

One, 57-year-old David Davies, said he was initially sceptical when his friends at school claimed to have spotted a spaceship in the village.

“I totally regarded the story as being nonsense as to me flying saucers didn’t exist,” he said. “They were in bad 1950s sci-fi movies or in tabloid newspapers.”

Driven to prove them wrong, he set out into the depths of Broadhaven but saw exactly what he hadn’t planned for.

He said: “From behind some trees, this thing popped up in front of me. It was silver, cigar-shaped and about 45ft long and there was just this thought that came into my mind that I had to run away.

“Mothers can tell when you’re lying and [mine] was absolutely convinced what I was saying was the truth.”

Gripped by the UFO pandemonium, local school headmaster Ralph Llewellyn rounded up the kids and asked them to draw and write an account of what they saw, making sure to separate them when they did.

“It’s not like today, there was no social media or mobile phones so there was no opportunity to have collaborated,” Mr Davies told the BBC.

Mr Llewellyn later told the BBC’s Newsround that the children’s accounts and drawings were all extremely similar.

The first sightings were made on the school field, and as the media descended on Broadhaven, other locals, too, reported close encounters with otherworldly vehicles and extraterrestrials.

Months after the school sighting, hotel owner Rose Granville reported seeing a spacecraft just as she settled down for bed.

“She looked through the window and saw this thing sort of hovering,” her daughter Francine told Encounters. These two figures came out of it. They looked a little unsteady.”

She said they had “very long arms and legs” and no facial features, and that the spaceship had left scorch marks in the ground from where it had landed.

A later release of the Government’s so-called X-files showed that Rose had written to her local MP, in which she said the event had “left me greatly agitated and disturbed and not the least bit desirous of another encounter”.

A month or two later, Mark Morston, who lived a few miles around the Marloes peninsula, claimed not only to see a spaceship but that he had come face-to-face with a creature.

Claiming he saw an “upside down saucer in a glow” during a walk alone near his house, he said: “This thing stepped out of the hedge. It was a good 7ft tall, it had a silver suit with a motorbike visor as a face.

“I thought ‘that’s not a man, no way is that a man’. It started walking towards me and I thought ‘this is not happening’. I was quite scared. It kept walking, so I legged it.”

The next day, Mark returned to the site with his dad and said they found a huge footprint in the mud “too big to be an ordinary man”, with his uncle later telling a TV reporter that they saw an 8ft featureless silver figure outside their farmhouse.



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