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UK's ugliest building slammed an 'abomination' as visitors vow never to return

A building, that tops Britain’s “ugliest buildings” list, has been brutally slammed by fuming visitors as an “abomination” as they vowed never to return to the complex. 

Redcar Beacon in Teeside has a long-standing reputation as one of the region’s most controversial structures after the company found 11.94 percent of tweets criticising the building. 

The structure is an 80ft tower built as part of Redcar’s wider seafront regeneration scheme.

Tourists who have paid a visit to the building have expressed their dissatisfaction with the complex and shared their scathing reviews on Tripadvisor.

One said: “This structure is an abomination, a giant carbuncle on a seafront that has enough already. Whoever approved it’s construction was either insane or the recipient of a bung.”

Another added: “It was dirty the to able hadn’t been cleaned, service was ok, the food was ok, typical sea side “don’t worry about return customers.”

A third customer added: “Awful Awful Awful place. Seriously avoid if you are over 30. Made the best of a bad situation. Rubbish everywhere. Looks bleak. A lost town which with a little effort could be lovely. No place for families or over 30s. Best place Wetherspoons – says it all!!!!!”

The Beacon – previously known as the vertical pier – cost £1.6m to build and opened in March 2013. 

It is one of several regeneration projects carried out by Redcar and Cleveland Council in the resort. Others include the Palace Hub, a base for creative businesses and Tuned In!, a centre for young people on the seafront.

However, dispite the many disappointed visitors, many also enjoyed visiting the place.

A user said: “We visited Redcar, visited the beacon, what a great view from the top, we’d noticed a bar on the ground floor, as we were hungry we decided to stay and have a bite to eat. 

“Reasonably priced pizzas and sandwiches, we decided on pizza, very tasty and reasonable value for money. Excellent selection of drinks. If near this part of the country we’d definitely visit again.”

A second user said: “Awesome experience. Stayed at the Claxton on the beachfront. Awesome!! Great views, long walks on a sandy beach. Great treats and great hospitality. Good food and amazing day trips out to popular beacons.” has reached out to Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council for a comment. 



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