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Vladimir Putin's future predicted by cutting-edge AI – and it's not pretty

Vladimir Putin’s future has been mapped out by cutting-edge AI technology, which has predicted what the 71-year-old will look like in the year 2030.

Produced by Midjourney, the images show how AI believes Putin will not fair well as he enters deep into old age.

By 2030, Putin will be 78 years old – and in some of the images, the disturbing nature of the war his Russia is waging on Ukraine has clearly taken its toll on his phsyique.

In one image, Putin is seen wearing a floral shirt that highlights the grey bags under his eyes, while the dictator pushes him around in a wheelchair.

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Another shows Putin in dark pyjamas, his face yellow and wearisome as he is parked in his wheelchair in what looks like a toilet.

The other images created by Midjourney include Putin dressed in seventies attire while walking in a Zimmer frame, and a fourth shows Putin catching a quick snooze in what appears to be a working men’s club lounge.

A fifth AI image shows a computer-generated Putin seemingly at a care home walking with crutches and wearing a bright blue blazer.

Pressure has mounted on Putin in recent months from his fellow Russians, who are aghast at how badly Russia’s war with Ukraine is going.

It has led to speculation that inside the Kremlin potential suitors to the Russian throne could be making their move.

Anti-Putin rhetoric has gathered pace online, as some have even raised serious questions about his health.

While Russia has made the past decade about misinformation spreading and fake news, his critics too are now taking shots at him – including through claims the dictator has in fact died.

In one video shared on Telegram, Putin’s death was announced by General SVR.

A clip said: “Attention! There is currently an attempted coup in Russia!”

It added: “Russian President Vladimir Putin died this evening at his residence in Valdai at 20.42 Moscow time, doctors stopped resuscitation and pronounced death.

“Now the doctors are blocked in the room with Putin’s corpse, they are being held by members of the presidential security service on the personal orders of Dmitry Kochnev who is in touch and receives instructions from the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev.”

Russia itself famously used deepfake technology in the beginning of the war to issue a number of videos making outlandish claims about its progress in Ukraine.

Among the biggest examples was a video that circulated appearing to show Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy telling troops to lay down their arms and surrender.



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