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'We are all thinking of you': Kate's heartfelt message to Ukraine

Kate wrote the words on a parcel she had filled with food, clothes and toiletries for those suffering in the war-torn country.

She left the message during a surprise visit to a support centre in Bracknell, Bucks, called Vsi Razom, which means “all together” in Ukrainian. The community hub also supports Ukrainian families settled in the area.

The future Queen, 41, told the British and Ukrainian volunteers and refugees helping at the hub: “Thank you. Please keep up the amazing work you are doing. It’s great to see the work that’s going on.” Her office had contacted the founders of Vsi Razom to ask if she could come and see their work.

“I thought it was a joke,” said Natalia Vil, who co-founded the hub with friend, Ashleigh Toomey, to help people in Ukraine.

Natalia, 40, who is Estonian, is married to a Ukrainian. The couple came to Britain 25 years ago, settling in Bracknell.

When the war broke out they began collecting aid for the people resisting the invasion.

Ashleigh, 39, who is British and has no connection with Ukraine, offered to help. Since then they have sent six lorries and countless cars and vans full of aid to Ukraine.

Kate and Prince William have been vocal supporters of Ukraine’s resistance to Russian aggression and of the international relief effort to help victims of the war.

The Princess also spoke to psychologist Tetania Sverdlova, who provides sessions for displaced Ukrainians to discuss the challenges of adjusting to life in the UK. Ms Sverdlova came to Britain under the Homes for Ukrainian People programme in April with her eight-year-old daughter, Liza, leaving her two sons, aged 23 and 16, and her parents. She was given shelter by a family in Bracknell.

The Princess told Liza how the sound of Charlotte singing a hymn had brightened up her morning.

She said: “I heard my daughter singing this morning – it’s a song called Shine Jesus Shine – and it made me very happy.” Liza smiled, saying she knew that hymn, too.

After the visit Natalia said: “It was really amazing. She was so friendly. She took time and talked to everyone in the room.”



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