Weight loss: Apple cider vinegar diet to lose belly fat in just 1 week

Apple cider vinegar can help assist in the weight loss journey when taken correctly and at specific times. It has been used as a health tonic for thousands of years but more recently dieters have taken it to lose weight fast.

Consuming a shot of apple cider vinegar mixed in water before a meal may reduce your food intake which will in turn help you lose weight.

Four teaspoons which is around 20ml has shown to significantly reduce blood sugar levels and help with weight loss.

One tablespoon which is around 15ml of vinegar contains about three calories and no carbohydrates.

Apple cider vinegar can also help curb sugar cravings which will help in the weight loss journey and reduce the temptation for snacking throughout the day.

Experts advise not to consume apple cider vinegar in its concentrated form as it is very acidic and can damage the tooth enamel.

In one study, 144 overweight adults were monitored over a 12 week period.

Some participants had one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar a day, others had two tablespoons and a third group drank a placebo which contained no apple cider vinegar at all.

The people who had two tablespoons a day dropped around four pounds.

While there is little research to support a lot of the health claims surrounding apple cider vinegar, it is known to have many beneficial effects.

It should also not be consumed in large quantities and a small amount a day will be just enough to lose weight.

Consuming more than around 237ml of apple cider vinegar every day for many years can lead to low blood potassium levels or osteoporosis.

Adding apple cider vinegar into your diet will have weight loss effects quickly and some even suggest it can reduce belly fat within one week.

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