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Woman declared dead twice in 19 hours after seen breathing in mortuary

A 90-year-old woman, whose name remains undisclosed, was found to be alive despite just being declared dead at a Spanish hospital.

The elderly woman, who had been admitted to the Hospital San Juan de Dios in Zaragoza, Spain, was initially pronounced dead due to natural causes.

Her body was then transported to the Tanatorio de Torrero funeral home for funeral preparations.

However, a worker at the funeral home noticed the woman was breathing, leading to her swift return to the hospital.

There, she briefly showed signs of life before passing away again on September 19, leaving her family in disbelief.

The woman’s daughter had initially been informed of her mother’s passing, but the sudden turn of events disrupted their funeral plans, which were scheduled for the following day, a common practice in Spain for non-suspicious deaths.

The hospital explained that such cases, where bodies appear to move after death, can be attributed to heart spasms, but they do not indicate a genuine return to life.

The woman’s cause of death had been recorded as heart failure, with resuscitation efforts deemed impossible.

Local authorities are investigating the incident, though there are no initial indications of malpractice by hospital staff.



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