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Workers forced to tarmac around car after dopey driver forgets to move their motor in time

Workers were forced to tarmac around a car after a dopey driver forgot to move their motor – despite signs warning about resurfacing.

The motorist was left red faced in Queen Street in Scarborough, North Yorks., after the work was done around their car.
Highway maintenance men decided to tarmac around the silver Vauxhall Corsa hatchback while the rest of the road was resurfaced on Thursday (5/10).

Pictures show the 2008 car parked opposite a large yellow sign, which clearly reads: “Surfacing works. No parking between 6pm and 6am.”

However, their decision to ignore this led to embarrassment as the new black tarmac stops abruptly by the sign, only to continue about a yard beyond the car’s front bumper.

Likewise, the Corsa found itself perched on a slab of old road, noticeable as it’s a far lighter colour than the rest of the street.

One resident, Jordan Chambers, 35, said that signs notifying local of the work had been up for some time.

He said: “Someone obviously didn’t get the memo, either that or they parked with their eyes shut and didn’t read the sign opposite or wonder why no one else had parked on the road.

“The workmen turned up and tutted a bit but just cracked on. They even threaded the safety tape round the car wing mirror. I can’t wait to see the driver’s face when they realise what an idiot they’ve been.”

After resident Michael Curtis, 36, posted pictures of the car on the Scarborough Moan Facebook page, the driver was mercilessly mocked.

One user said: “There’s always one! Lucky it didn’t get towed.”

However the driver might not be lucky as one picture taken by Michael shows a traffic warden standing next to the stranded vehicle.



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